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Jan 1, 2013 6:00am PST
, cate caugiran, cbs 5, live in san francisco. >>> a suspect in a double murder in sacramento is now in police custody. gunfire ran out on second street in old sacramento last night. police say before the shooting, there was an argument and then a fight. a bar patron and employee were killed and three other people were wounded. we'll have a live report from sacramento coming up at 6:15. >>> so what's open and what's closed on this new year's holiday? most federal, state, county and city offices are all shut down today including the post office. no mail today. banks are closed, as well. and in san francisco, if you are driving into the city today, you can leave your change at home because parking is free. that doesn't happen a lot. >> you always have to carry around a huge slew of quarters in the city. >> if you can find a spot. >> if you don't freeze to death. it was a chilly start but i guess 2013 off to not a bad start. >>> dry around the bay area, looks like it's going to stay that way for the foreseeable future. out the door, temperatures still chilly in some of the valleys moving i
Jan 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
happening at the federal level. then i will introduce matt watts - sacramento, to discuss legislative needs in your packet. at the federal level at the very last hour, the night before the turn of the year, congress passed several pieces of legislation that are going to allow for continuing operations of the federal government. the debt ceiling and sequestration for the debt ceiling, congressionally established limit on the amount of the public debt reached in the final days of 2012, and through emergency borrowing measures the treasury was able to continue funding the federal government. these issues should be revisited again probably in the next week. it's been quiet in dc this week. the sequestration act will allow federal obligations possibly is in this mid-february. the sequestration that was supposed to take effect on january 1 prevented cats to all discretionary funding programs. the highway trust fund that primarily funds the highway and transit account is protected, would not have been subjected to the sequestration got. the new starts funding programs, new source of funding for th
Jan 17, 2013 1:30am PST
. four years ago my son shot himself at school. he was a victim of bullying in sacramento, california. these kinds of summits are interesting it me because i'm boots on the ground. i am in the trenches every single day and i live in sacramento so i'm at the capitol and we use the word bullying which softens the behavior. this is abuse. it is peer abuse. and our children are crying for help. and the adults who are charged with their well-being turn a blind and deaf ear to it and here's my comment. there are no consequences for failure to comply. nothing with teeth. and i have a dead child who broke under horrendous circumstances where in one of the best schools in sacramento, meraloma, breaks every record going. it is the best. and my son was perceived to be gay and the idea that you could scream out every horrendous word in front of god and everyone and no one did anything, and michael followed policy to a t tomorrow is his birthday. i should be celebrating his 21st birthday. instead, my husband and i, we mourn 4 years. we are no further along. none of our laws, they are not working.
Jan 10, 2013 1:30am PST
had been in and around sacramento for a long time. so the legislation in and of itself, i don't think it's going to work miracles, but it is definitely on people's radar now and i think you hear it in the media more and more. the reason we have a suicide barrier and the reason we are having legislation like this is because of the parents and the families because they are the ones that hurt the most and i would imagine part of the therapeutic thing, you've got to tell this story and telling it in the right place and the right time can be very effective. so seth's law does require that if you witness an act of bullying, that you must report it. >> is that for anybody? >> anyone, but particularly teachers. there is a -- sometimes we see things that aren't very pleasant and if you've ever taken it to muni, you know what i mean. your tendency is to turn away. i heard the word faggot on the play ground when i taught. the teachers were intimidated, they didn't want to be seen to have any empathy because that might reflect on them. it's crazy but that's part of the oppression. when we s
Jan 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
responsible for grounding a vessel in the sacramento river and also struck a duck at the stockton port and was ordered to undergo more training and was reportedly involved in another grounding in 2010. he lost his mariner's license for a few months in 2010 because of an undisclosed medical condition. there are many unanswered questions about the conditions the bar pilot was working under when the mishap happened. but obtaining information from the bar pilots association isn't easy. >> reporter: we've learned captain guy kleess had 30 hours off duty before the ship hit the bay bridge. they work under unquestioned stress, fog, tides, huge ships with small margins for error. but the bar pilot association refuses to release logs of working hours and time off. >> what it that they have to hide? i think they got it pretty good. >> reporter: mike jacob of the shipping association says the 55 men and one woman who guides ships in and out of the bay are certainly skilled. big ships must hire them and bar pilots are indemnified for liability from mistakes. they all take their own navigation devi
Jan 2, 2013 4:30pm PST
with the folks in sacramento and there is legislation that will address bottle bill -- actually once a year or couple of years that they do a bottle bill fix and adjust things and there is another bill planned for this life-threateningive session in january. so i mean the timing is right in terms of if there were some recommendations coming out of san francisco, there is a vehicle for us to talk to the folks up there. >> great. >> this convenience zone, is that unique to california? >> it is. it's very unusual. i am from the east coast and grew up with the bottle bill there and it's very different. it's very successful here and they are talking about using it as a national model. there is an effort to try to create more jobs by creating more recycling infrastructure. because many states don't have anything at all and the stuff is just thrown out all over the place if you are driving across the country. they are looking at this particular law as a value and it's funny we're the real odd duck in california because of our density. there is no place else quite like san francisco. >> okay
Jan 8, 2013 4:30am PST
cargo ship of in sacramento. he also was in a tugboat when it ran aground in the inner richmond harbor. we haven't gotten results of drug tests but he tested negative for alcohol. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco now under arrest this morning. we are told 22-year-old dexter oliver will be charged with attempted murder and arson. the 25-year-old victim is still in the hospital with life- threatening burns. >>> mountain view police say modern dna technology has led to an arrest in a 1985 murder case. it was 28 years ago this month the body of 21 zabba engineer may was found in a dumpster behind a safeway grocery store. police arrested 53-year-old daniel garcia on friday of fresno on suspicion of murder. recent tests matched his dna to skin fragments under the victim's finger nailed. search for victims of the "speed freak" killer is taking new turns. victims will be searched for again. the fbi is focusing on a 50- foot well not too far from where 1,000 bones were found. >> this well site is 50 feet deep. as i said earlier, we may
Jan 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
the story from sacramento. >> i am raring to go. i don't expect me to leave too soon. >> in the first public appearance since finishing treatment, governor brown wants to shake up california's troubles and severely overcrowded prison systems. he signed a proclamation declaring end of the prison crisis, filed court papers to terminate oversight of the care, and asked the judges to remove the population cap. pointing to thousands of pages in legal documents and reports and the millions spent to produce them over the years, governor brown says it's time to return prison controls back to california. >> we can't pour more dollars down the rat hole of n incarceration wex have to spend as much as we need but no more. >> california's prison problems began more than two decades ago. inmates filed a class action lawsuit. the court concluded overcrowding was a major contributor and sent a prison population cap. politicians have been reluctant to release criminals lirl because of concerns and fear of political ramifications. attorneys say they'll fight to keep the feds involved in mental health c
Jan 1, 2013 11:30pm PST
with. >>> also, a terrifying scene in sacramento as two >>> a small school for special needs students in the north bay has suffered a big loss after it was burglarized over the holiday break. ktvu's debora villalon is in san jose with how new horizons is looking to come back. >> this window was open and everything was unhooked. >> reporter: this is how the burglar left, with computers and crash. >> things were all open like they had been looking in through the cubert. new horizon serves 20 teenagers with disabilities. >> it probably saved my life honestly. these are people i care about, they're my family and i love them. >> stepped in here and came in. >> reporter: teachers wonder how the burglars knew to come in through the top floor then disabled motion detectors like they knew the place. >> it's disquieting that it could be somebody in the family because we do look at this place like a family. >> hard to keep your head above water and something like this happens and you wonder why you are doing it. >> reporter: this 30 year school will survive. struggling short term. >> i
Jan 1, 2013 10:00pm PST
burglar went to and what he got away with. >>> also, a terrifying scene in sacramento as two people are killed in a crowded bar. tonight why a friend of the 22- year-old suspect is so surprised about what happened. >>> a small school for special needs students in the north bay has suffered a big loss after it was burglarized over the holiday break. ktvu's debora villalon is in san jose with how new horizons is looking to come back. >> this window was open and everything was unhooked. >> reporter: this is how the burglar left, with computers and crash. >> things were all open like they had been looking in through the cubert. new horizon serves 20 teenagers with disabilities. >> it probably saved my life honestly. these are people i care about, they're my family and i love them. >> stepped in here and came in. >> reporter: teachers wonder how the burglars knew to come in through the top floor then disabled motion detectors like they knew the place. >> it's disquieting that it could be somebody in the family because we do look at this place like a family. >> hard to keep your head above wa
Jan 9, 2013 9:00pm PST
now we have barry bonds. >> dan: and another big sports story, sacramento kings could be moving to seattle. yahoo sports reports the owners of kings are in talks to sell the franchise. this deal could be an n.b.a. record $500 million, $50 million more than the warriors sold for. prospective buyer is going to build a new hockey stadium in downtown seattle. sacramento is fig kevin johnson says on none of this is over. larry beil will have more. a lot more to get to this wednesday night. coming up, mr. t -- no he is not friendly. what he was guarding when police checked up on his owner. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento. more and more patrolled sex offenders are cutting off their gps ankle bracelet. >> how bikes were stolen and then discovered. new generation of rovers new generation of rovers designed for nasa's next well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we wa
Jan 7, 2013 11:30am PST
yet this morning but are waiting for more relatives to arrive from sacramento and trying to brace themselves for an afternoon visit here at the hospital. they have been told she can expect to be in the hospital for four to five months. >> we kept talking about it all night. it was hard to go to sleep. >> this has been so tough to deal with she hasn't even been able to bring herself to visit her sister, starr lamare. she was set on fire yesterday and is in the hospital with burns do her face. witnesses, relatives and police believe her boyfriend, dexter oliver, is to blame. this morning, her family was shocked when oliver's grandmother called her mother. >> my mother thought she trusted him and let him survey in -- sty in the house and fed him, why would he do something like that to her baby. she tried to, the grandmother, she tried to defend her grandson and my mother wasn't hearing it. >> they think the grandmother is trying to get an update on the investigation and they called police. >> officers say there are no new developments but the family feels confident he will be found a
Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
sunday. it's the latest, the very latest is that the sacramento kings are not quite gone to seattle. did i mention that their father works the entire life just to have for denise pierce sunday on the roof? anyway, the late report is that you have can have-for denise pierc brittany spears ....and they may not be going to seattle yes... ? the sacramento kings perhaps will not yet to decide on weather or not going to seattle. the sons of their father, over $500 million. and this is .. high school in maryland the backwards free-throw shot
Jan 1, 2013 6:00pm PST
" pero no lo encontraron. ---el sospechoso huy a pie.. take vo ---en sacramento, un sospechoso fue detenido en conexion con un tiroteo en el que murieron 2 personas. ---la balacera se registr anoche en un bar de "old sacramento" mientras decenas de personas se congregaban en las calles para despedir el aÑo. ---las autoridades dicen que el pistolero, de 22 aÑos, estaba discutiendo con varias personas y abri fuego contra ellas, matando a 2 e hiriendo a 2 mas. ---el sujeto salio corriendo del bar hacia una calle llena de personas pero fue capturado rapidamente. ---mas tarde, la policia cancel el espectaculo de juegos pirotecnicos de la ciudad. blanca ---esta tarde, se llev a cabo una vigilia en oakland para recordar a oscar grant. take vo ---grant, murio a manos de un agente del "bart" hace exactamente 4 aÑos en la estacion de "fruitvale". ---"johannes mehserle" fue quien abrio fuego contra grant y alega que por error, tomo su arma de fuego, en vez de su pistola electrica. ---mehserle, fue encontrado culpable de homicidio involuntario y a pesar de apelar la decision alegando que hu
Jan 1, 2013 4:30am PST
a shooter and they are hoping witnesses will come forward. meanwhile in old sacramento, two people were killed and one person hurt. it started with a fight in a restaurant and spilled outside. shots were fired and afterwards the midnight fireworks show was canceled and police cleared the area. kevin johnson spoke to police and there is no indication that any suspects were on the loose. we will hear from people who witnessed the shooting and what happened just moments before shots rang out. >>> following ahead on collision -- a head-on collision, two people were killed on highway 12 east of rio vista. they have no details about what caused the crash and we don't know if alcohol was involved. dui checkpoints were set up and chp officers worked a long the highway. they compared with new numbers and they should be released sometime today with new numbers. >>> it was a holiday celebration marched by violence. a 12-year-old boy was among the shooting, alex savage has more. >> reporter: a 12-year-old was struck in the foot by gunfire. it happened just before the fireworks show was about t
Jan 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
hipotecario podrian recibir ayuda adicional. take vo ---en sacramento fue presentado un nuevo proyecto de ley, el cual prorrogara ---la masacre en newtown, connecticut ha llevado a un empresario colombiano a diseÑar en tan solo 2 semanas, una colecion de ropa blindada para niÑos. ---maribel osorio nos informa.. 0:01 0:17 0:28 1:35 take pkg stop open blanca ---surge nueva informacion en torno al gigantesco incendio que se registro en septiembre pasado en la refineria chevron de richmond. take vo ---ahora la compaÑia dice que las llamas pudieron haber sido causadas por los propios bomberos de la empresa cuando respondian para contener una pequeÑa fuga en la tuberia afectada, instalada hace mas de 40 aÑos. ---fotos de la tuberia, muestran que esta tenia agujeros que fueron causados por afuera, y se cree que los daÑos fueron ocasionados accidentalmen te cuando los bomberos quitaban el aislante a los tubos. blanca ---los propietarios de vivienda de california que estan a punto de perder sus hogares por un embargo hipotecario podrian recibir ayuda adicional. take vo ---en sacramento fu
Jan 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
it doesn't matter. it just doesn't work that way. and this isn't just about getting 301 sacramento and 303 sacramento wrong. it's bigger than that. radio services just extrude up royally. and i'm going back to my map. radius services determined the midpoint of the assessor's block when the law is the midpoint of the block face. and within the public works code, it distinguishes between a block face and an assessor's block. "assessor's block" is perhaps could be three-block faces as in this case. and it's used multiple times in the public works code. amid the block face where the star is. and all of these businesses did not receive notice. so dpw testified a couple of months ago that 101 2nd street is within a 300' radius. i want to ask dpw did anyone at 101 2nd street receive notice? if they did not, notice was not served properly. the second point is the 300' radius. the ordinance use the word "radius." the order itself says there are no like foods within a 300' radius. radius is the proper measurement and dpw is going to get up here and say oh, no, we're going use walking distanc
Jan 22, 2013 4:30am PST
leader is fighting to keep the sacramento kings in sacramento. steinberg is angry he is buying the team. now they want to make all public dollars paid to microsoft and he is suggesting that the move should be to seattle. >>> how the grounding of 787s is affecting people in the area and we will have more on what airlines are willing to help. >>> and it is in the water because because of roe versus wade. . >>> welcome back, time now 4:51, several people had to be rescued in just three days. the latest was when a surfer got stranded on ocean beach. he got tired and climbed up on to the rock while his friend called for help. when rescue teams came they called and brought him back to shore. >> know what your skill level is because the water has been rough. >> it had rescue teams very busy and on saturday and sunday they had five other water rescues, high currents are expected today. >>> the dreamliner he jets move today. all are grounded after battery fires are found in japan. they will start with a battery charger and there is a second investigation on the dream liners as well. >> beca
Jan 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
de sacramento ante detroit pase y logra la canasta , aquí buscan la victoria en casa , tiro adentro buen movimiento de dos puntos pero detroit mejor al final anota por marcador de 103 por 97 . >> clippers de los Ángeles de los Ángeles con 17 en fila pone orden en la casa también sus habilidades, el tiro y la canasta paro pone pase y aquí la racha de los clippers de los Ángeles, denver gana 92 por 78 . >> comienza el año y doy primicia, alguien dentro de chivas me dice que para marzo habrá un clásico de chivas américa en sacramento . >> buenas noches para todos. >>s eguramente se pondrá bueno . >> le cuento que el auto más vendido es de estados unidos el ford focus con venta de 738 mil unidades hasta septiembre, también la compañía vendio más de dos millones de vehículo , supero la meta por segundo año , ford es la única que vende más de 2 millones desde la crisis en 2007 . >> vamos a ver como pinta el clima vamos con eduardo rodríguez y el tiempo . >> buenas noches amigos los saludo , advertencia de congelación escarcha aviso al norte de la bahía posibilidades
Jan 1, 2013 5:00am EST
... setting tteestage for another fight n capital hill. the new year brings violence in sacramento, california... where two eople were killed and three others injured. injured.40-thousand people gathered in old sacramento for gunfire erupted.officers rushhd to close-off the crime scene... and the midnight celeeration was worrdon what prompteddthe shooting... or a suspect. as we cllsed out 2012 in paltimore... nn nummer rings out... tte murder count.there were 216 homicides.... compared to 117 in all f was more violent in the city of baltimore.paul gessler has more on how community leaders pre reeembering the city's homicide victims. (reading names)aa balttmore prepares to ring in the neww year...(nnmes))ommuniiy &pleaders look back at the namms are read aloud.19.21.22 reading names "floyd dorsey, 59--that's my cousin-- michael williams, 45....victims of violencc... and part f thee city's growing homicide rate. commissioner nthony batts, baltimore ciiy police:"too many lives being lost. that's too many brothers, too many uncles, too many fathers, too manyypeople of cooor
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
para controlar la venta >> el canto y la alabanza llenaron esta iglesia en sacramento. >> también se escuchó un mensaje dirigido a la juventud >> llevamos el mensaje de martin luther king,
Jan 26, 2013 12:30am PST
as john myers, kxtv political editor joining us from sacramento. governor jerry brown struck a confident tone on thursday, applauding lawmakers and voters for making tough decisions to balance california's budget. he also pushed for his priorities including education and regulatory reform. now, john, how would you rate his speech and what left the biggest impressions on you? >> well, you know, rating the speech, a speech from jerry brown is really tough to do because it's unlike any other speech you get from any other governor. how many governors go from the book of genesis to "the little engine that could" in one 25-minute speech? this was a vintage jerry brown speech. i think really what you saw here was a little bit of the governor running a victory lap. proposition 30 passed. temporary taxes passed. the budget looks a lot better. i think this was the governor's chance to pivot, to pivot to talking about what makes california great, how we get them back on track. don't worry, we're getting there. so i took this as a real optimistic speech with a lot of details, a lot of brow
Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm PST
. >>> desde sacramento la capital del estado sergio flores con los detalles a martillazos dieron los buenos días està mañana para niños sin hogar se vio invadido , varios trabajos , para hacer para ayudarlos al centro pñara que los cadetes cuando se graduan , unos 44 cadetes participaron en el proyecto por varias horas construyeron cobertizos , el trabajo se ha convertido en toda una tradicion , los niños cuando llegamos en la mañana miran por las ventanas , los cadetes llegan y rápidamente se ponen a trabajar un ejército de personas estamos agradecidos por ello no sólo se trato de trabajos , después de cumplir con las labores del día , los patrulleros , no fue todo . >>> [habla en inglés] . >>> los cadetes también colaboraron para comprar pizzas , compartieron con los niños . >>> es triste que no tengan sus familias y cualquier cosa para ayudar . >>> [habla en inglés] . >>>ssegún el director del albergue los niños continuaran hablando por varias semanas , después de varios meses , la pesadilla vuelve a resurgir por que el costo del carburante ha subido cuesta 3,32 centav
Jan 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
del dopaje. >>los agricultores de texas de manera contundente vencieron a oklaoma. >>sacramento sumando 6 de los últimos encuentros, el lunes estarán en menphis, es todo lo que tenemos en los deportes. >> gracias buenas noches, abríguese bien todavía hace frío en la región viene lluvia en el camino mañana vamos a amanecer con cielos nublados, temperaturas la bahía 41°mucho cuidado con esa capa de nieve que se mantiene en la superficie, mañana sábado mayormente nublado y viene la lluvia el día domingo 60% que este sistema que se encuentra en el pacífico traiga lluvia, lunes y martes cielos despejados, nublados para el sábado lluvia para el domingo. >>el centro para el control de enfermedades está advirtiendo sobre una complicada contagio del virus, este brote obedece a que la vacuna no cubre la cepa del virus de este año. >>es momento de conocer las historias de los cibernautas. >>la policía de san josé comenzó el 2013 con una persecusión fuera de lo común el sospechoso corriendo desnudo y con una espada. >>la nueva tarjeta de identidad quienes vivien en la c
Jan 13, 2013 11:35pm PST
carmelo anthony remate de tyson es el espectáculo que dentro de poco no podríamos gozar en sacramento , ojála no sea así , la próxima semana hablando que los 49 están en el súper tazon los dejamos con imágenes que son parte de la historia nos vemos adiòs y buenas noches quedan ahí , y dicen que no vayan con el torniquete. > esa noche gobierno de venezuela afirmo que hugo chavez presenta una evolucion clinica positiva. >> al cumplirse un año del concordia se récordo a las víctimas ,vamos con la información . >> este es su noticiero univisión fin de semana. >> buenas noches y bienvenidos al noticiero univisión. >> cada vez esta mas cerca el sueño de inmigrantes. >> trabajaran en un ambicioso plan de reforma migratoria . >> nuevo año y nueva esperanza para indocumentados en el país. >> trabajan en propuestas de ley que resuelva el estatus migratorios. >> el presidente argumentariua que el plan no es una amnistia. >> su plan impondra el requisito de verificar el estatus de todos los contratados. >> para activistas estas conversaciónes representan un avance. >> obama prom
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 860 (some duplicates have been removed)